Case Studies

* Please note that all client names have been withheld to protect their privacy. The Case Studies however do contain real-life factual information about their situations and how MetaFinity was able to assist them.

Medical Industry Company #1

A small startup business, quickly turned an industry leader, this company reached out to MetaFinity early on. Through tremendous company growth and the growing pains that every company faces, MetaFinity works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide all facets of technological support. Our focus was keeping technology solutions as cost effective as possible at their various stages of growth, while at the same time, designing and deploying technology and custom software solutions which pushed them ahead of their competition and allowed them to take new approaches to the services that they offered, many of which no competitor has.

MetaFinity has had a key role in the design, implementation, management, and support of all IT infrastructure (servers, networking, storage, backups, company computers, etc.), but also performs all tiers of end-user support, including helpdesk services. We have also had a major role in developing a handful of custom web application solutions which aids this company in day-to-day operations, employee training, process automation, and vast reporting abilities for them to continue to provide top rate experiences for their clients based on quantifiable data which is gathered continuously.

Although MetaFinity is not directly involved in the patient care that this company works to enhance, we are very happy to know that our IT services indirectly helps the lives of many thousands of people every year through this client.

Manufacturing Company

This company manufactures various pieces of hardware which cross a number of industries, including industrial and musical applications. They had an IT infrastructure which hadn't been formally supported in many years. At the point that MetaFinity was brought in, it was cumbersome for staff to perform even the most basic of daily company tasks.

MetaFinity performed a thorough analysis of their environment, including everything from servers, to networking, storage, company websites, accounts payable/receivable, and beyond. We developed an extensive plan for areas within their company which could be improved upon technologically.

Within months, the number of service calls and emails we received decreased from multiple contacts per day, to a few contacts per month. After about 6 months of updating IT infrastructure, upgrading software, and implementing solutions which met their business needs, service calls and emails decreased to just one or two per month, if that.

In less than a year, MetaFinity was able to take a decade old environment, bring it up to speed and industry standards, and provide support within an hour for any issue which happened to arise. After some crtitical overhauls and some TLC, this company's environment, which was crashing constantly, was now running on platforms which could keep up with their business and continue to help them operate into the future. Although the support requests have decreased drastically, they know that MetaFinity staff are always available for any issues, upgrades or general maintenance which needs to be completed for continued IT operation.

Medical Industry Company #2

This medical clinic provided medical care services, but had numerous issues with their technology infrastructure, including computers which were infected with viruses and other types of malware. Employees had a difficult time utilizing computing resources due to poor performance of workstations, as well as the effects of computers infected with malware. A major concern was malware in a medical environment, where HIPAA and HITECH compliance dictate security precautions.

MetaFinity worked with this clinic to clean up malware on their computers, tighten security, and provide recommendations for further improvements on their environment. We also created documentation for common setup and troubleshooting issues for printing, as well as troubleshooting and resolving A/V issues in their waiting rooms.

Service Company #1

Drunk driving is a major issue around the world, and it costs human lives. This client provides a service where they will not only drive you home from the bar, but will also have a secondary person drive your car home so that you do not need to leave it parked somewhere unfamiliar or unsafe. MetaFinity assisted this company with development of their company website. A previous developer had created the site, but best practices were not followed which caused issues with ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

A key issue with the initial design and implementation of their website was that it was almost entirely composed of images. In order for them to update any content, they would have needed to go back to the original developer to have them modify the images and re-upload the content. Another major issue was that search engines such as Google and Bing were unbable to crawl the information provided in the images. This has a significant impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the findability of their company online.

MetaFinity was able to take their website, break it down between images and textual content, and recreate it to look the same, but also give that company the ability to modify their own text. Now, things as simple as updating their hours of operation can be completed without having to spend additional money for another person to change those images.

Service Company #2

This small business had been operating for a number of years providing CNC machine services, including general maintenance, repairs, and moves. When the owner of the company approached us, he was looking to have a website created for his company so that clients could find them online.

MetaFinity worked to gather requirements, provide ideas and suggestions on design for layouts, graphics, as well as content. After a rigorous requirements gathering process, we set out to develop their first company website. Over time they have continued to use MetaFinity as a vendor for web development, as well as a resource for other IT questions they have for continuing to grow their client base.

Gun Club

The president of MetaFinity is an avid trap shooter, and loves spending his time outdoors in the warmer months competing on a trap shooting team. The gun club he is a member of has often times approached him for various IT support.

Over the years, MetaFinity has been proud to assist this gun club with various infrastructure support for their networking and servers, but also for web development projects, including an online process to sign up for or renew memberships. We have been readily available for emergency troubleshooting of failed backups, second opinions of infrastructure which has been procured, or even Tier 1 support questions for dealing with lists of members which need to be parsed out using regular expressions for later import into a company database.

We look forward to future endeavors with this gub club as they continue to grow and provide a safe environment for individuals and families to enjoy the sport of shooting.

Music Industry

MetaFinity was contacted by a company in the music industry who provides touring services for musicians. This company had been working for a number of years with another web development firm, who had created a custom web application solution for them to manage their business. Some points of contention between this company and their developers led to questions regarding whether they were getting quality services or not.

After a number of discussions with their staff, we were able to gather requirements, and gain a deeper understanding of their company, how they used this custom software, as well as some of the issues that they had run into with their web application vendor. After being granted access to their systems and databases, we were able to perform a full analysis of their servers, custom software code, and databases.

Upon a thorough analysis, we were able to report back our findings and recommendations for how they should move forward. We recommended that they stay with their current vendor for a number of reasons. Although MetaFinity could have picked up in the steps of their existing vendor and continued to develop their custom software, we did not see an immediate need for this company to drop their web developers. Due to the nature of the work they wanted completed, and in their proposed timeframe, it would not have been prudent to switch vendors. The work that had already been completed was of good quality, and even though the other developers were not always timely, their company was doing a good job with their work.

Service Company #3

This company provides various services including well drilling, both residential and commercial, as well as other services such as eco-friendly geothermal heating and cooling. This company had an out of date website with a number of issues including layout, styling, as well as content. They were looking to update and grow their online presence, providing additional information about their company and the services that they offered.

MetaFinity was able to assist them by gathering requirements through phone calls, emails and in-person meetings, and gain a better understanding of their company, as well as the technology and services that they offered. With this information, we performed a significant amount of research and were able to create a completely new website for them which provided not only basic information about their business, but also provided educational information to their prospective clients.

Their newly redesigned and updated website pushed them forward into a more user friendly and modern layout which assisted people in not only finding them online, but also made the end-user experience better by providing relevant information and answers to common questions about wells and geo-thermal systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Higher Education

A handful of MetaFinity staff come from a background of higher education IT. We are incredibly knowledgeable of higher education as both scholars as well as IT professionals. We have worked in Tiers 1-3 of support, infrastructure (systems, network, storage, etc.) administration, data center operations, and beyond.

We understand the inner workings of colleges and universities, and the unique IT requirements and demands they have. Having to juggle the requirements and expectations of not only on- and off-campus students, but also faculty and staff as well, provides a uniquely challenging environment with many moving pieces.

MetaFinity staff have always been instrumental in providing enterprise class support, services, and solutions which meet the needs of all constituents in a higher education setting. We firmly believe in the power of education and stand ever ready to provide the necessary level of quality to ensure continued growth of educational environments.

Client Achievements

  • Cost-effective solutions to resolve specific problems
  • Better insights into company operations
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Streamlined processes and procedures through automation
  • Upgraded hardware and services