Delivering Realistic Solutions

MetaFinity is an IT managed services provider located in the Twin Cities, providing IT services for not only Minneapolis and St. Paul, but customers across the county. We provide a myriad of IT services including support tiers 1-3, systems and network administration, all the way through custom web application development, database administration, and reporting. Long story short, we are pretty much an entire IT support staff for your company. Our clients are companies of all sizes, from start-ups to small/medium businesses and beyond. We even offer IT services to higher education institutions.

MetaFinity was created by a need from our clients for delivering technological solutions which were realistic, practical and met the needs of their businesses. Over the years, we have come to develop these solutions with a particular focus on quality and on customer service.

At MetaFinity, we pride ourselves on not only quality and customer service, but we also strive to develop personal relationships with our clients and spend the time necessary to understand their business processes and procedures and find those solutions which align with them the best.


Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Our clients have obtained better productivity and more efficiency due to the solutions which were tailored to meet their business needs.

Focus on Security

In the Information Age, you can never pay enough attention to security. Security is always on our mind when developing solutions for you.

We Love What We Do

Many people do not consider this a primary benefit when choosing a managed services provider, but here at MetaFinity we believe that doing what you love produces better results and better experiences for our clients.

Reasonable Cost

At MetaFinity we strive to provide competitive costs for the services we offer. There are no minimums for projects, and we only charge for the work that has actually been completed.